I See Dead People… The Heidi Wyrick Story

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I See Dead People… The Heidi Wyrick Story - Photo

You’re probably familiar with the movie The Sixth Sense and the famous line ‘I see dead people,’ but have you heard the name Heidi Wyrick? Heidi’s rollercoaster experience with the unexplained began when she was three years old.

Is it possible to bridge the gap between worlds? In the tiny town of Ellerslie, Georgia, Heidi demonstrated her ability to speak with the dead. It all began in February of 1989, just after her family had moved to Ellerslie. According to Heidi’s family, a man named ‘Con’ appeared at the front door to talk to her…

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Con Arrives

He was described as having stark white hair and a t-shirt with blood all over it. He also had a bandaged hand. Heidi’s mom, Lisa Wyrick, heard about the strange visitor and assumed someone had come to the house trying to abduct her young daughter.

She brought Heidi to her room, locked all the doors, and pulled a butcher knife from the block before calling her husband to come home. When Andy Wyrick, Heidi’s dad, arrived home, he and Lisa searched the whole neighborhood for a man who matched their daughter’s description.

They came up empty-handed.

Shortly after her visit from the mystery man, Heidi told her mother about meeting another man named Mr. Gordy. She said he appeared in the home’s backyard and would come to see her daily, having conversations with her and going on the swings together.

Lisa would see Heidi; hand raised as if she was walking while holding someone’s hand. She would hear her daughter talk, but no one would talk back.

Lisa thought this was the same man and assumed his name was Con Gordy — she began to ask around if anyone knew a man by this name.

Lisa mentioned Con and Mr. Gordy to her sister, who had purchased the home next door — it turns out the former owner of her sister’s house was a man named James Gordy.

When I saw Mr. Gordy’s name on the deed, I was terrified. Because I knew that the previous owners were there years ago… So I knew that Mister Gordy… had to have been dead.’

Lisa got in touch with the previous owner’s family, and it was confirmed that James Gordy had passed away in 1974. The family was stunned. But who was Con? Was this just a figment of young Heidi’s imagination?

So, Who Is Con?

Heidi was given a bunch of photos of Mr. Gordy’s family, and she didn’t recognize anyone in them — until she got to a tiny picture at the bottom of the stack.

In the picture, Heidi recognizes a man- according to Mr. Gordy’s family, Heidi had identified Uncle Lon- who lived at the home when he was a young man. Lon passed away in 1957 from his cancer, and he had lost his hand before he turned 20 in a cotton gin.

Heidi’s mother was convinced that these ‘imaginary’ friends were real.

For the next four years, Heidi continued to encounter the ghosts of James and Lon — both were friendly to her. In 1993, Lisa became pregnant, and not long after, a less-than-kind spirit came to visit the family.

Heidi’s Change

According to Lisa, Heidi’s behavior changed. She began to show signs of fear, seeing dark figures in the home’s hallways and running to her mother’s room in the middle of the night in hysterics.

The new spirit had become a frequent guest and was sometimes violent. On February 3rd, 1994, Heidi’s sister Jordan was born. Two weeks later, Heidi ended up with deep gashes on her face.

Andy didn’t give too much thought to the scratches; he figured Heidi had accidentally caused them herself. Until he woke up one night in excruciating pain:

I had three claw marks going around my side. The next night I went to sleep and I woke up and I had three claw marks down my back. And then it happened again the next night and I woke up and had three claw marks down my chest.’

When Heidi’s family called a notable parapsychologist to talk to Heidi, Dr. William Roll, she was able to identify Mr. Gordy out of a handful of other photos. This was the second time that Heidi could identify a ghost she had interacted with out of a photo lineup.

These days, Heidi still reports seeing entities of all kinds, including animals, people, and other faceless spirits. Her sightings are numerous, and she takes each one in stride.

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